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The procedure used to reduce wrinkles involves the injection of Botox®. Read on to find out more about Botox® Injections

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Botox® Injections

£120 – 1 Facial Area
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More About Botox® Injections…

The procedure used to reduce wrinkles involves the injection of Botox® . Read on to find out about proven medical uses, the most frequent cosmetic uses, and the actual procedures carried out when using BTA.

Medical Facts about Botox®: 

Botox® has been used for over 35 years. It is a protein that blocks the nerve signals which tells muscles to work. It has been used for many different medical conditions over the last 30 years, including spasm of both eye and neck muscles, cerebral palsy, and urinary incontinence. However, the largest area of use is in the treatment of facial lines, which has been pioneered since 1998 by the Canadian professors Jean and Alistair Carruthers. It has therefore got a proven track record of both effectiveness and safety.

Wrinkle reduction use: As we get older facial lines and creases form, due to the repeated pulling by the facial muscles which create facial expressions.

The actions of raising our eyebrows, grimacing, concentrating, and even laughing and smiling, all contribute to the formation of lines that characterise our faces.

Some treatments, such as fillers and skin peels, can be used to reduce the depth and prominence of these lines, but only Botox® treats the actual cause of the lines. It does this by stopping the pulling action of the muscles that create and increase the lines, and therefore makes them softer in appearance. The “Hibernation Treatment” uses the action of the toxin to stop the muscles working, and put them into so-called “hibernation;” this prevents the lines forming. Whilst the muscles are “hibernating” their actions are lost, and so the actions such as grimacing are no longer possible, for as long as the toxin is working. In the longer term this prevents the formation of deeper lines in the years to come.

The three areas most frequently treated with Botox® injections are in the upper face; these are the forehead, the area between the eyebrows,( the “glabellar”), and the areas either side of the eyes, (the crows feet”). Some more experienced practitioners such as Dr. Horn also treat other areas of the face such as smokers lines on the upper lip, bunny lines on the side of the nose, and the corners of the mouth if they are down-turning.

Time Effect: The injections usually start to produce an effect within 2-3 days, but it may take up to 2 weeks for maximum benefits to be seen. The benefits of treatment usually last between 3 and 6 months.

The injections themselves are relatively painless, as both the needles used, and the volumes injected, are very small. As with any injections, small areas of bruising may be seen afterwards, but this is unusual, and if present they are invariably mild, and easily concealed if desired.

Softerlines Coventry is a non surgical cosmetic clinic serving clients in Coventry, Leamington, Solihull and surrounding areas in the West Midlands. Dr Jerry Horn offers friendly, relaxed but extremely professional surroundings for clients to receive wrinkle reduction injection treatment and dermal fillers for the effective reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. This results in our clients having more self confidence and more self esteem.

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