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Hyperhydrosis is the medical term for excessive sweating. This treatment involves a series of Botox® injections into both armpits. Read more
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Excessive Sweating

£300 – Both Armpits
Hyperhydrosis is the medical term for sweating too much. It affects approximately 1% of the UK population and can cause a lot of social difficulties, and therefore unhappiness. There are fortunately a number of approaches to this problem which do help: simple anti-antiperspirant and deodorants, avoidance of stress, and attention to the tightness of clothing produce relief for some sufferers.

If these simple measures are insufficient, then GPs and skin specialists can prescribe an aluminium-based anti-perspirant; this produces positive results in some people, but can cause skin irritation. Should these treatments not produce adequate control of the excessive sweating treatment using Botox® is recommended as this does give excellent results in the vast majority of sufferers.

The technique involves a series of injections into both armpits. The injections are placed about a centimetre apart; usually a total of between 10 and 20 injections are made in each armpit. The procedure can be mildly painful, but is completed within 20-30 minutes. The Botox® works by reducing the nerve impulse to the sweat glands, thereby “switching off” production of sweat. Results are usually seen in between 2 and 10 days, and effects usually last between 6 and 12 months.

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